Roadmaster Gives RVers a New Way to Carry a Spare Tire

The Company has Introduced a Tire Carrier That Fits on a 2.5” Receiver

Image Caption: Photo Credit: Roadmaster

For some confounding reason, a surprising number of motorhomes and travel trailers don’t come with a spare tire or even a way to carry one. This has led to many lost hours of travel over the years, frustrating RVers to no end. But thankfully, Roadmaster is here to help, as the company has just introduced a new tire carrier that fits on a 2.5-inch hitch receiver.

Roadmaster spare tire carrier

Photo Credit: Roadmaster

The new Roadmaster Spare Tire Carrier—designated as part #195250-S —allows RV owners to carry a tire with them on their adventures. The add-on is designed to mount on a large 2.5” hitch receiver. Once in place, the carrier can accommodate wheel sizes from 16-24.5 inches.

The Spare Tire Carrier is rated to carry up to 10,000 pounds and includes a 2-inch receiver, allowing a dinghy vehicle to be towed. Unloading the spare tire is quick and easy, requiring just seconds to access. RVers simply extend a leverage arm, pull an auto-latch mechanism, and pivot the spare safely and easily to the ground.

Roadmaster spare tire carrier

Photo Credit: Roadmaster

In addition to this new model, Roadmaster also offers two other Spare Tire Carriers. Its most popular model (part #195225-S) works with RVs with a 2” receiver, while a second model (part #195125) is made for vans, trucks, and SUVs that also use a 2” receiver.

MSRP for the latest model is $928. For more information, visit the Roadmaster website.

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