Meet Bob—The Tiny Dishwasher that Can Go Anywhere

For Just $350, Anyone Can Add a Dishwasher to Their RV

Image Caption: Image Courtesy of Daan Tech

If you’ve ever thought about how nice it would be to have a dishwasher in your RV but simply didn’t have the space, then you’ll want to meet Bob. In this case, Bob isn’t someone who specializes in installing appliances in motorhomes but is actually the name of a tiny dishwasher designed for use in small spaces—including a camper.

Bob is the brainchild of a French company called Daan Tech, which designed the device to sit comfortably on a countertop. At 19.3 inches deep and tall and 13.4 inches wide, the dishwasher is about the size of a microwave oven turned on its side. Despite its diminutive size, Bob’s interior has enough room to hold two full place settings, making it the perfect appliance for one or two people.

Bob dishwasher

Image Courtesy of Daan Tech

The dishwasher can be connected directly to a water source, or water can be added to a built-in one-gallon tank. The unit’s customizable basked is then laded with dishes, and soap is added to a reservoir. A drainage hose runs from the back of the appliance into the kitchen sink. Once everything is ready, users can select from one of several pre-programmed wash cycles, each of which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. At the end of the cycle, the door will even automatically open to begin the condensation drying process.

Daan Tech says that Bob is very efficient, requiring just a fifth of the amount of water that it takes to wash the same load of dishes by hand. And since it weighs just 22 pounds, it can easily be stowed in a closet or other storage space when not in use. Bob is even equipped with Wi-Fi to receive future firmware updates and has an internal light that makes it easy to see inside when loading or unloading dishes.

The dishwasher is available for preorder now and comes in two distinct models. The Bob Minimalist version is available in black and white and includes an analog display, four washing modes, and a matte finish for $349. Meanwhile, Bob Premium comes in 12 different colors, has a color LCD screen, five washing programs, and an internal light that can switch between seven different hues. Other features include custom programming modes, a chrome finish, and custom ringtones for alerting users when the wash cycle is complete. The Premium edition sells for $449.

Preorders begin shipping in September 2022. For more information, visit the official Bob dishwasher website.

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