Makita Introduces a Portable Cordless Microwave

The Battery-Operated Device Could be Perfect for Small RVs and #Vanlifers

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While most large motorhomes and travel trailers come with a microwave oven these days, smaller towables and camper vans often lack such an option. But Makita—the brand best known for making tools—has revealed a solution that could bring a microwave to just about any campsite. The company has announced a cordless, portable model intended for use on job sites where AC outlets aren’t readily available, although it could just as easily become a hit with RVers.

The Makita 40V Cordless Microwave MW001G is powered by two of the company’s XGT modular battery packs, which come in several sizes and capacities. Those batteries are typically used to run Makita’s line of cordless power tools but have increasingly found their way into other products, including coolers, Bluetooth speakers, coffee makers, and vacuum cleaners. Many of those products are designed for use at a job site but also cross over nicely into the outdoor/travel space.

Makita microwave

Photo Credit: Makita

Armed with two of the 40-volt batteries, the Makita microwave can produce 500 watts of power for up to eight minutes using the lowest capacity XGT batteries. After that, the device automatically reduces the power output to 350 watts in an effort to conserve energy and prolong battery life. Larger power cells can increase runtime by up to 1 hour and 53 minutes, depending on the model.

In a press release announcing the new product, the toolmaker says the microwave oven can reheat roughly 11 refrigerated lunches or 20 drinks using its standard XGT power cells. A digital battery indicator helps users to keep track of the remaining charge, allowing them to swap out batteries as needed.

Makita microwave

Photo Credit: Makita

Much like using a residential microwave oven, users can choose between high (500W) and low (350W) power modes and dial in their heating time. Tapping a start button begins the cooking process, with an interior light illuminating the food inside. In other words, it acts a lot like your microwave at home, just in a smaller, more portable, and flexible manner.

Makita’s latest gadget weighs 19.4 pounds without batteries and comes with a built-in flip-up handle and detachable carrying strap. It offers .28 cubic feet of internal cooking space and has onboard safety features like automatic power cutoff when opening the door and a tilt sensor that deactivates the unit when it detects an odd angle. It even comes with a USB-A port for recharging small devices.

Makita microwave

Photo Credit: Makita

The microwave will debut in Japan soon with a price tag of 71,500 yen or roughly $540. Makita is reportedly preparing to roll it out in other markets shortly after that.

Check out the video above to get a better sense of how this appliance operates.

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