Bluetti AC240 Power Station Review: Built to Take on the Elements

A charging solution that can survive in the harshest weather conditions.

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Over the years, outdoor gear manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make their products perform better in inclement weather. From waterproof jackets and boots to down-filled parkas and moisture-wicking layers, the goal has always been to help us stay comfortable and happy in our favorite outdoor pursuits. Now, you can add Bluetti to the list of brands doing the same. With the release of the all-new AC240 portable power station, campers now have a charging solution built to survive the elements.

Bluetti AC240 review

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Weather Resistant Power

When measuring a product’s resistance to the elements, most manufacturers use the Ingress Protection rating system. This is the industry standard for indicating how well an item performs when fending off dust and water. The IP rating uses two numbers to score the level of protection offered. The first of those numbers ranges from 0 to 6 and indicates how resistant the product is to solid objects like sand and silt. The second number falls between 0 and 8 and reflects resistance to liquids.

Bluetti’s AC240 power station comes with an industry-leading IP65 rating, which means it is completely resistant to dust and can withstand moisture being forcibly projected onto it. In other words, it can keep rain at bay and isn’t harmed by the occasional splash, but you wouldn’t want to fully immerse it in water. Anything short of that, and the power station should be just fine.

Most power station manufacturers tout the ruggedness of their products, but very few actually go through the rigorous testing needed to achieve an IP rating. In fact, we’ve never seen another device with the size and capacity of the AC240 with a rating this high. This gives it class-leading resistance to dust and moisture, which is a leg up on the competition in that department. It also makes it an excellent option for RVers, car campers, and overlanders who need a portable source of power that can survive in the outdoors—even when accidentally left out in the rain overnight.

All of that protection does come at a price, however. The AC240 weighs in at a whopping 72 lbs., making it very heavy for its size and performance levels. That makes it somewhat unwieldy to move around the campsite or even take in and out of the backyard. But for anyone who needs the level of performance—and weather resistance—it offers, it is a worthy tradeoff.

Bluetti AC240 review

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Specs and Ports

As usual, Bluetti did a great job of delivering a device with outstanding power input, output, and charging ports. The unit is equipped with three 120V AC outlets, two 18W USB-A ports, dual 100W USB-C ports, a 12V vehicle port, and a 30A RV plug. Each has built-in rubber port covers to help maintain the IP resistance rating mentioned above.

The AC240 offers 2,400W of power output and a storage capacity of 1,536Wh. If you need more power, two units can be tethered together to provide an output of up to 4,800W. The power station is also compatible with Bluetti’s new B210 expansion battery, which can up storage capacity to as much as 20,272Wh—enough to power an entire home for several days during a blackout.

Power input is fast and efficient, too. The AC240 recharges at a rate of up to 2,200W, taking it from zero to 80% charged in under 45 minutes when plugged into a home wall outlet. It can even utilize up to 1,200W of energy from solar alone, making it quick and easy to recharge in the field. As usual, actual solar charging speeds will vary based on cloud cover, shade, angle of the sun, and other variables.

Once again, weight is the only issue to consider when measuring these specs. While the numbers are all excellent, there are smaller and lighter models on the market that offer similar performance. Those units won’t have the same level of protection from dust and moisture that the AC240 provides, however, so keep that in mind when purchasing. Especially since those other power stations may be lighter but won’t necessarily be less expensive.

Bluetti AC240 review

Photo Credit: Kraig Becker

Other Features of Note

As you would expect from a modern power station, Bluetti uses LiFePO4 power cells in the AC240. These batteries have become the industry standard for a good reason. Not only are they safer and much less prone to sparking a fire, they have very long lifespans, too. The company says its battery technology is good for 3,500+ recharge cycles or roughly ten years of nearly daily use. It is so confident in the product that it is even backed with a six-year warranty.

The AC240 also has smart app control, allowing you to monitor and adjust settings from your mobile device. This is a common feature on a flagship power station these days, but Bluetti’s implementation is fast, easy to set up, and convenient. It’s also very useful for those times when the device is outside your vehicle, giving you the option to check its status or power it down without having to leave the comfy confines of your RV.

Bluetti should also be given a tip of the hat for the excellent engineering that went into building this power station. Despite being air-tight to keep water and dust out, they’ve still managed to keep it well-ventilated so it doesn’t overheat. The AC240 can also serve as an uninterruptible power supply, automatically taking over as the energy source for mission-critical devices that should never abruptly shut down. That level of sophistication and precision isn’t easy to achieve, especially out of a device that is this durable.

Bluetti AC240 review

Photo Credit: Bluetti

Closing Thoughts

After testing the AC240 for several weeks, I’m confident that it delivers everything you expect from a Bluetti power station. It offers excellent power output, charges quickly and efficiently, and has enough ports to keep your favorite devices and appliances running at the campground. Honestly, there aren’t any surprises here, and we mean that in the best possible way. You know what to expect when you purchase a unit like this one from this company, and it never fails to deliver.

That said, the AC240’s IP65 rating is a standout feature that puts it head and shoulders above the competition. If you need portable power that can function in the outdoors, this is the unit for you. Meeting rigorous moisture and dust protection standards means you won’t have your expensive investment rendered useless after it’s accidentally left outside in a rainstorm. It is also just nice to have when leading an active, adventurous lifestyle that requires portable power from time to time.

The one downside of this device is its 72lb. weight. That can make it challenging to move around, but it is a byproduct of its beefed-up level of protection. Given the choice of being a little on the heavy side yet better suited for use in the outdoors or lighter but more susceptible to the elements, I prefer to err on the side of caution and go with the extra rugged option. If you don’t require that level of defense from moisture and dust, perhaps another model is better suited for your needs.

Fortunately, the added water and dust resistance hasn’t impacted the price. The AC240 sells for $1,899 but is currently on sale at an introductory price of $1,399 as of this writing. That’s a significant bargain, considering everything it brings to the table. Additionally, for a limited time, readers can get an additional $100 off when using the discount code RVAC240 when purchasing at The discount is good through May 10, 2024.

For more information about the Blueti AC240 power station, visit the company’s website.

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