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New Gear

Two Great Products are Super for Birders

A great spotting scope brings the birds in view and the Audubon Bird Guide on your phone lets you know what you’re seeing Barska 15-40×50 Colorado Spotting Scope offers superior…
Destinations, Gear, RV Living

Migration, Birding and Binoculars

Autumn is the perfect time for birding, one of America’s fastest-growing outdoor pursuits. It is also the second of the year’s two migratory seasons, when millions of avian travelers are…
RV News

15 Stellar Hiking Trails On National Wildlife Refuges

A young hiker tackles a rock scramble along the Charon’s Garden Trail in Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. Photo: David Smith Why see Labor Day as a season…
Motorhome News, National Parks

Discover Wildflower Wonders With New U.S. Forest Service Map

  The U.S. Forest Service has released an updated online wildflower map with hundreds of locations within national forests for prime wildflower viewing, making it easier than ever to enjoy…

Autumn Bird Watching Along the Natchez Trace

Migrating birds signal the start of hunting season. But if you’re not a sportsman, you can delight in observing waterfowl as they travel south for the winter. Point your rig…
National Parks

History Finds a Home at National Wildlife Refuges

National wildlife refuges are considered home to more than 700 species of birds, 200 species of mammals and more than 280 species that are endangered or threatened with extinction. Yet,…