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Trailer Brakes

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Redarc: Slow Down-Under

OEM-like brake controller in an aftermarket installation Almost every tow vehicle has to have a brake controller for towing an RV. While many vehicles have available tow packages from the…
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Better Travel Trailer Braking

  On fifth-wheels and travel trailers, upgrading from electric to Kodiak disc brakes shortens stopping distances dramatically It’s no secret that trailers and fifth-wheels are getting bigger. And with that…
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Brake Troubles

Q: Two years ago, I replaced the entire backing plate braking system on all four wheels on our 2001 SunnyBrook fiver. I have one wheel (left front) that periodically grabs…

Power Breaking: BD Diesel’s Variable-Vane Brake Controller

A heavy trailer places a great deal of stress on any tow vehicle’s brakes. Towing large trailers in mountainous regions, along twisting, diving highways or in heavy stop-and-go traffic taxes…
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Controlling Trailer Brakes

Electric-brake systems have been employed for several decades on most trailers that have any significant weight. Each trailer with electric brakes, in turn, also requires that the tow vehicle be…