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Redarc: Slow Down-Under

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

OEM-like brake controller in an aftermarket installation

Almost every tow vehicle has to have a brake controller for towing an RV. While many vehicles have available tow packages from the factory that include a brake controller, many don’t. In fact, most vehicles that will tow tiny trailers will need a brake controller installed.

There are many brake controllers on the market, but a common problem is their size and where they have to be mounted, leading to knocked knees and sometimes, airbag interference.

Australia-based electronics manufacturer Redarc has introduced its Tow-Pro Liberty electric brake controller, an “everyday-towing” version of its off-road-friendly controller at a more affordable price. The $135 Liberty, like its big brother, the Tow-Pro Elite, utilizes an OEM-style in-dash dial control, while the main control unit is mounted “down-under” the dash in a convenient place for an easy, professional-looking installation without anything in the way.

REDARC Tow-Pro Liberty Dash Control

REDARC offers a number of dash switch blank inserts for different vehicles for a neat installation.

The Tow-Pro Liberty is a fully automatic brake controller that actively calibrates itself, even without a trailer attached, according to the company. Once installed, the driver never has to make an adjustment if they don’t want to, but the dash dial and center push-button are there for flexibility and emergency braking if a sway event occurs.


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