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Tire Safety


Are Your Motorhome Tires Overloaded?

Even though we’ve been lectured for decades about the need to weigh our motorhomes – and that we should not just assume or hope we haven’t exceeded load ratings –…
New Gear, Tech

Air Apparent: A TPMS Buyer’s Guide

A tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is one of the best investments you can make for tire life and safety One of the greatest fears every RVer has is a breakdown…
New Gear

TPMS for Your Motorhome

  Monitoring tire pressure and temperature is easy using one of these aftermarket systems Though tires may seem to be little more than round rubber shapes surrounding the wheels on…

Motorhome Tire Basics

Getting back to the basics is critical for proper selection, inspection, maintenance and performance Big tires, as on a motorhome, mean big money. Understanding your motorhome’s tires and taking care…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Tire Failures

  Q: I own a 26½-foot Class C motorhome that has been experiencing tire failures. I weighed it on a truck scale, and the front axle weighs 1,810 pounds on…
DIY, Motorhome News

Time to Re-Tire?

  There’s a lot to know about keeping the rubber on the road Tires are a vital asset to any motorhome. Considering the high cost of replacement, the more you…
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How to Maximize the Life of Motorhome Tires

With a few protectant products and a little care, premature sidewall damage can be greatly reduced If you own a motorhome long enough, you will eventually have to replace the…
Motorhome News, New Gear

Easy Tire Inflation

  The 2Way Air central inflation system by Rock Smasher Engineering allows simultaneous inflation/deflation of all tires on the motorhome and/or dinghy vehicle via a patent-pending manifold and valve system.…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Preserve Tire Life

My question pertains to motorhome tires I just purchased. These are 245/70R19.5 Goodyear tires. Motorhome tires are normally replaced before their treads are gone. What is a general rule for…
New Gear

Tire Monitoring Meets Braking

A new braking system from Danko Manufacturing features optional tire pressure monitoring capability. The RVibrake2 Auxiliary Braking System for towed vehicles is the first portable braking system to integrate tire…