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Performance Accessories


No Compromise Performance

  A trio of kits from BD Diesel Performance keep the fuel at optimum pressure and protect injectors for maximum gains when adding power-enhancement products As much as I don’t…
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Performance Improvers

  An aftermarket intake, exhaust or tuner adds horsepower and torque to most diesel and gas engines Performance equipment isn’t just for hot rods anymore. Adding aftermarket performance parts to…
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Pacbrake – Products for Pickups

  Heavy-duty chassis and turbodiesel engines in today’s pickups have made it possible for RVers to tow larger, more luxurious trailers. But once you have a truck, you might find…

American Force Wheels

We get a lot of technical correspondence from readers regarding tire and wheel problems, including premature wear and failures. In fact, it’s one of the top complaints we hear from…
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Transmission Tuners and Programmers

Old-school engine tuning of carbureted engines was really an art form. Changing the jets, adjusting fuel flow and air screws and playing with the choke to get the engine to…
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Advanced Flow Engineering

Improving tow vehicle performance requires a systematic approach. Many owners have found out the hard way that just slapping on one item and expecting it to completely change power output…

Pin Box Comparison

If your idea of a good time is climbing onto the back of rodeo stock bred and raised to throw a rider, you can expect a good deal of bucking,…

Giraffe G4 Overhead Protection System

In most cases we would prefer perfect scenarios for anything life has to offer; but it’s not a perfect world when owning an RV. We’re used to frequent maintenance and…

Husky Towing Products’ Brute 4500 Power Jack

There are two situations that require more cranking than just getting the trailer on and off the ball. First is properly setting up a weight distribution hitch, which requires lifting…
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Bully Dog GT Gauge Tuner and Rapid Flow Air Intake

Sitting around the campfire the topic of conversation often centers on fuel economy and optimum performance. Everyone wants to get up the grades first without sacrificing mileage. One company that…