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American Force Wheels

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

We get a lot of technical correspondence from readers regarding tire and wheel problems, including premature wear and failures. In fact, it’s one of the top complaints we hear from trailer owners. Today’s large trailers with premium amenities and multiple slideout rooms weigh far more than older units. Heavy trailers put a strain on not only the trailer’s tires and wheels, but also the tow vehicle’s. Fortunately there are solutions.
We spoke about this problem recently with Robert Martell, general manager of American Force Wheels. Since 2003, the company has been using the latest technologies and materials to manufacture custom aftermarket wheels for truck enthusiasts. Martell said, “Usually, the weakest point in a towing rig is the tire. From the factory, a driver can only get a Load Range E (LRE) tire for his dually. But with our forged-aluminum 19.5-inch wheel, customers can fit an LRF, LRG or LRH tire. These tires are rated to carry from 3,500 up to 4,900 pounds per tire. Using our 19.5-inch wheel and commercial truck tire combo, drivers are realizing three to four times longer tire life, while also seeing savings by reducing the downtime required for changeovers.”
Martell added, “Our 19.5-inch wheels give our clients a great mix of looks and utility. By allowing for the use of high-load-capacity tires, truck owners can realize increased tire mileage between changes, providing substantial monetary and downtime savings. And, our 19.5s are custom designed for one-of-a-kind street styling.”
The 19.5-inch wheels used in conjunction with commercial-grade tires ease the strain of the truck’s load and allow the tires to run cooler and more efficiently. Because they are not flexing and squirming as much from running near their weight limits as stock tires do, this leads to longer tire life. American Force 19.5-inch wheels were designed to meet the needs of high-mileage, heavy-load drivers, who are looking for more than just function in their wheel/tire combinations. These new wheels give drivers the ability to use a heavy-duty, commercial-grade truck tire on their pickup, providing increased tire-load-capacity margins while enhancing appearance.
In closing, Martell added, “A common myth in the world of high-performance, heavy-duty wheels is that a customer must often choose between looks and function. Traditionally, the higher curb appeal a wheel offers, the lower its practicality, and vice versa. While that may be the case with many wheels on the market, it certainly isn’t true with our forged aluminum 19.5-inch wheels.”
American Force Wheels are specifically designed and created for each application in a variety of designs and finishes. They’re manufactured from 6061 forged aluminum to provide the strongest and lightest possible wheel available. The 19.5-inch wheels directly bolt on, and tires come in 32- and 33-inch diameters.
American Force Wheels are available in mirror polish or black powder coating finishes, and come in handsome designs such as Classic, Freedom, Magnum, Titan and Typhoon. They can be enhanced with universal lug-nut covers in various shapes. American Force offers a lifetime warranty on its wheels against manufacturing defects. For more information on this new wheel, and other American Force Wheel products, call 877-427-6773 or visit www.americanforcewheels.com.

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