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Vinyl Answer

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

On our way home after picking up our new motorhome, my wife and I experienced a blinding glare from a reflection of the sun off the horizontal portion of the sideview mirror support arms. After a bit of discussion, we hit upon the idea of covering the arms with matte or flat black sticky-back vinyl. It is quite thin (only a few thousandths of an inch thick) and quite tacky. A bit of care is needed to ensure the material is applied evenly to avoid small bubbles of trapped air. I cut the material to width and length, and peeled off the backing. I then gently folded the material in half lengthwise with the sticky side out, placed it on the center line of the mirror support arm and allowed the light vinyl to drape smoothly over the arm. Carefully done, it will lay down almost bubble-free. If bubbling does occur, puncture it with a sharp pin or needle and press out the air with your fingertips. This quick trick has virtually eliminated any glare from the mirror arms.

Sticky-backed vinyl is available in many sizes, colors and textures in hobby and craft stores as well as online.

Anice and Tom Walker | Iuka, Mississippi


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