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Fiberglass Fun House: Happier Camper Traveler

With a built-in bathroom and kitchenette, the new HCT is a step up from Happier Camper’s smaller HC1 but is still retro-stylish and easy to tow Southern California’s Happier Camper…
New RVs, RV News, RVs: Towables and Trailers

Factory-Direct Fiberglass: 21-Foot Escape Trailer

Escape’s highly customizable molded-fiberglass travel trailer is a lightweight option with a long life span. To satisfy a wide range of buyers, manufacturers have loaded the latest RVs with crowd-pleasing…
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Smooth Moves: New Fiberglass-Built Trailers

Molded-fiberglass trailers, featuring rounded corners and shiny sides, are aerodynamic, lightweight and built to last A molded-fiberglass travel trailer is not just an RV. It represents a lifestyle. Shoppers who…