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Bob Carpenter


Hellwig’s Grand Cherokee

  With an anti-sway bar installed, the company’s test Jeep demonstrated a dramatic improvement in handling Hellwig Products produces 100 percent American-made, precision-engineered products for a variety of vehicles. Most…
RVs: Towables and Trailers, Tow Vehicles

Lance 1985 and Jeep Grand Cherokee

  As I accelerated out of the hairpin turn on State Route 79 in rural Southern California, I could feel the turbocharger boost increasing, so I rolled into the throttle…
DIY, Gear

Facts, Myth, and Common Sense

  Oil is what keeps an engine alive and running strong. But how much do you really know about it? A lot of people refer to engine oil as “the…
Gear, Top Stories, Towing Tips

Performance Improvers

  An aftermarket intake, exhaust or tuner adds horsepower and torque to most diesel and gas engines Performance equipment isn’t just for hot rods anymore. Adding aftermarket performance parts to…
Aire Tributary Tomcat
Gear, RV Living

RV-Friendly Watercraft

Get the most from your outdoor adventures with one of 16 easy-to-pack vessels that fold, inflate or snap together Camping means different things to different people, but one thing’s for…