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Xtreme Vent

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

No one really talks about black water – until the wind shifts direction,
a downdraft forces air down your motorhome’s vent pipe … and waste
odor wafts up from the holding tank and into the living quarters of
your coach.

You can’t completely eliminate the potential for odor when you
carry waste with you, but the Xtreme Vent claims to draw out fumes and
odors like a vacuum. Operating much like the venturi on a carburetor,
the vent is said to use the power of the wind itself to rid a coach of
unwanted odors – and the greater the wind speed, the greater the vacuum.

By relying on physics principles, the vent requires no power,
provides quiet, effective operation whether parked or in transit, and
rotates a full 360 degrees based on wind direction. The pre-drilled,
low-profile (only 5 inches, base to top) vent slips over your
motorhome’s vent pipe and attaches with two stainless-steel screws
(included). Available in white, gold or charcoal, with a lifetime

The RV Toy Store, (800) 334-5533, rvtoystore.com.

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