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Xantrex Technology: XPower Jumpcharger

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Sooner or later, just about everyone traveling by motorized conveyances
will need one of three things: a spare tire, a jump-start or a can of
fuel. The XPower Jumpcharger from Xantrex Technology can’t pump up a
flat or fill an empty fuel tank, but it can resurrect a dead vehicle

Available in 15- and 40-amp models, the Jumpcharger
incorporates all the benefits of a high-tech battery charger, plus the
ability to provide up to 600 cca of emergency jump-start power.
According to Xantrex, its new charging technology makes it possible for
the unit to determine the condition of a battery without having to visit
an auto service facility – and the unit’s battery-reconditioning
function, which reactivates flooded lead-acid batteries, is claimed to
extend the life of a battery by up to three months. Said to deliver up
to three times the charging power of traditional low-frequency chargers,
the Jumpcharger sports an easy-to-read LED display for monitoring
charging parameters and short-circuit and over-charge protection; it
also incorporates built-in storage for charger cables.

Xantrex Technology, (800) 670-0707, xantrex.com.

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