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Wirestrap Peel-and-Stick Wire Fastener

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

A luxury motorhome can conceal literally miles of wiring. One problem
exists, however: how to keep all of this wiring out of harm’s way.
Argent International, Inc. has been supplying its patented Wirestrap
peel-and-stick wire fasteners to original equipment manufacturers for
more than 12 years – and is now making them available to the general
retail market.

Wirestrap provides an extremely simple way to fasten lightweight,
typically low-voltage wires and cables without the need for mechanical
fasteners, combining the simplicity of peel-and-stick with the strength
of high-tensile polyester. Wirestrap’s high-performance acrylic adhesive
sticks to almost any surface and will work in environments up to 180°F.
Available in reclosable bags of 25.

Argent Tape and Label, Inc., (800) 293-7500.

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