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Vehicle Runs on Compressed Air

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

An inventor in England has developed a zero-pollution vehicle dubbed Air Car that uses no
combustion and costs roughly $1 to run for 60 miles. It can reach a top speed of 68 mph and
can be “refueled” in two minutes. Oddly enough, it runs on compressed air. The Air Car was
developed by Moteur Development International (MDI) in Luxembourg. The vehicle was
developed over a 10-year time span, and the technology is patented. It stores compressed
air in onboard tanks. The air pushes pistons and drives the vehicle. Expelled cold air is
then used for the air conditioning. An Air Car can be filled at a gas station in several
minutes, or via a small home compressor in three to four hours. Four different versions of
the Air Car have been built: a car, a taxi, a pickup and a van. Retail price of the Air Car
will be about $11,000 (U.S. dollars). No word on sales here yet.

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