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Tricky Towel Bar

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Our motorhome came with a bar right below the gas stovetop that we used as a towel bar. It was a nuisance to hold the towels up to access the drawers below. I had some small 3/4-inch oak boards and decided to make a towel rack that would mount on our refrigerator’s wood door.

I drew the pattern onto the oak boards, then drilled holes for the small radius at the bottom of the end pieces all the way through. I used a band saw to cut away the remaining wood, and an oscillating spindle sander to sand the pieces smooth. I bought a 3/8-inch dowel and measured the length (plus 1 inch) needed to hang two towels. I cut the dowel accordingly, then drilled a 7/16-inch hole on one side of the end pieces about halfway into the oak. I then stained the end pieces and the dowel, pre-drilled the mounting holes in the end pieces and mounted them with the dowel in between at the desired location. (Note: Our refrigerator door is made from oak and I made sure it was thick enough to use screws.) Since the refrigerator is next to a wall, the door does not open completely because of the oak end on the right side of the door, but we haven’t had any problems hitting the wall with the door and it is more convenient now to use the drawers and towels.

Rodney Nelson l Eureka, Calif.

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