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Trailer-Cover Saver

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

In the directions for my travel trailer’s Tyvek cover, it indicates that the cover should not come in contact with sharp corners to prevent it from tearing and to keep from voiding the warranty. Naturally, all the lower corners of my trailer are sharp. After experimenting with different things, I made an inexpensive and effective solution.

I collected a couple of disposable plastic food containers, the kind that sliced sandwich meat comes in from the grocery store. I cut off the top lip of each container with a box cutter, then used scissors to cut each one diagonally to make two corner protectors and tossed out the middle part. I trimmed the jagged cuts to make them smooth. Using two pieces of hook-and-loop fastener for each corner, I attached the loop portions to the bottom corners of the trailer and the hook portions to the inside of the plastic containers so they align. I then attached the plastic corner pieces over the corners of the trailer.

These corner protectors weigh only a few grams, are easy to attach and remove, and work great. I’ve used them on all four bottom corners, plus the bumper corners for years.

David Acton | Oak Harbor, Washington


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