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Travel Trailer How Tos

10-Minute Tech

10-Minute Tech: Fifth-Wheel-Hitch Cable Catcher

After getting the breakaway-switch cable caught in our fifth-wheel hitch and pulling the pin (and hearing of the same thing happening to other RVers), I came up with an idea…
10-Minute Tech

RV Bedside Table: One Nightstand

Since we have a set of drawers instead of a nightstand next to the bed in our RV, I devised a nightstand of my own. All it took was a…
Tech Q&A: Trailerlife Magazine

RV Q&A: Tire-to-Tire Gap

I have a question regarding the safe distance (gap) between fifth-wheel RV tires. I’ve looked at various tandem-axle trailers, and the distance between the tires varies. The distance between our…
RV Living, Top Stories

RVer’s Guide to Good Manners

Campground etiquette is not just about  following the rules. It’s about creating a thoughtful, friendly and polite environment where everyone enjoys their stay Camping is supposed to be relaxing and…
10-Minute Tech

Theft-Resistant LP-Gas Cylinders

After hearing a fellow RVer’s tale of having the LP-gas cylinders stolen while his trailer was in storage, I decided to secure my trailer’s twin cylinders. I simply drilled matching…
10-Minute Tech

Sputter-Free RV Spouts

I have been RVing most of my adult life, and we now have a 35-foot 2006 Komfort trailer with almost 100,000 miles on it. As an avid reader of Trailer…
10-Minute Tech

Coffee-Canister Tableware Caddy

We enjoy the outdoors when camping in our Keystone travel trailer. To keep a supply of plastic utensils on hand that’s easy to grab and take outside, I arrange them…
10-Minute Tech

Trailer-Cover Saver

In the directions for my travel trailer’s Tyvek cover, it indicates that the cover should not come in contact with sharp corners to prevent it from tearing and to keep…
10-Minute Tech

No-Strip Stabilizer

I replaced the front landing jacks on my fifth-wheel because the gears were stripped. To keep from stripping the new jacks, I painted a red line on each one when…
Tech Q&A: Trailerlife Magazine

RV Q&A: Extra Fuel Payload

Q: I had a Class A motorhome with a 75-gallon gas tank. Now I tow a trailer with a truck that has a 25-gallon gas tank. I want to know…