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TracVision A5 Satellite Television Antenna

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

TracVision A5 Satellite Television AntennaMobile satellite systems have historically been rather bulbous affairs,
adding little to vehicle aesthetics and doing nothing to improve its
coefficient of drag. Granted, when you throttle down on a machine with a
frontal area only slightly smaller than the state of Vermont,
accessories usually aren’t selected for their aerodynamic efficiency —
but when presented with viable alternatives, it makes little sense to
be thick as the proverbial brick.

The new TracVision A5 satellite television system from KVH
Industries reduces the size of traditional antennas from the
displacement of an air conditioner to a unit barely 5 inches high.
According to the manufacturer, the TracVision A5 is the first — and
only — low-profile, in-motion satellite television system in production
and available to consumers throughout the United States; approximately
800 locations nationwide are claimed to support the system. Utilizing
KVH’s hybrid phased array technology, the system is fully compatible
with DirecTV satellite service. The A5 uses a new roof-mount system
which is said to be capable of fitment to practically any vehicle; it’s
also available with a roof-rack mount design.

KVH Industries, (401) 847-3327, kvh.com

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