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This is a Stick-Up!

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine


Large storage compartments are a very desirable feature on a motorhome, but it can be difficult to retrieve items when you can’t see inside. Super Bright LEDs has the answer to light your way with portable stick-up lights. The AA battery-operated lights are safe for use in any dry location, making them handy for lighting hard-to-see areas, including inside dark, recessed cabinets and storage compartments. Each unit features 15 LEDs to emit cool or warm-white light, and a touch-button switch controls three brightness levels. The light can be mounted using its built-in hook or screw holes. Or, you can supply strong double-sided tape to mount them virtually anywhere. MSRP: $5.95.

Super Bright LEDs Inc. | 866-590-3533 | www.superbrightleds.com


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