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Thetford’s RV Care Giant Wipes

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

906751_thetford_rv_care_wipes.jpgIn a world fueled by demands for instant results, disposable wipes are
the Next Big Thing. No lost time spent hunting for special cleaners –
and no dealing with soiled rags afterwards.

The problem for RVers is that motorhomes are a lot bigger than
family automobiles. You can use an entire package of puny household
towelettes when cleaning your coach — so Thetford super-sized its line
of convenient treated cleaners. Nearly a foot square (12×10 inches), RV
Care Giant Wipes provide 120 square inches of cleaning surface – almost
twice that of other wipes. Plus, they are packaged in resealable flat
packs to save space.

According to Thetford, these premoistened wipes are
specifically designed for RV lifestyles; they are said to be safe on all
RV surfaces, are lint-free and don’t require rinsing. Available in four
types: Premium Protectant (treated with carnuba wax and UV ray
protector); Kitchen & Bath Cleaner; Windshield & Glass Cleaner;
and Black Streak & Bug Remover. The first two are soft cloth wipes,
while the others use a quilted pattern to lift baked-on stains and bugs.

Thetford Corporation, (800) 521-3032, thetford.com

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