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Thetford Eco-Smart Holding Tank Additives

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

2077255_Thetford chemicals resized.jpgThetford reports that its line of Eco-Smart Holding Tank Deodorants for
RVs have been certified-green by North America’s oldest, most recognized
environmental standard organization, EcoLogo. The organization’s
stringent criteria require a holding tank additive to control odors and
help decrease waste materials, as well as being biologically based and
non-toxic. It must not harm humans, riparian or aquatic species, not
accumulate in the environment, have limited surfactants that are
biodegradable and are effective and safe to use.


Eco-Smart’s formaldehyde-free formula is designed to quickly breaks down
and liquefies waste and tissue to prevent messy clogs. Extremely
powerful, tests show it provides 70% better odor control than other
natural formulas. It also incorporates an additive that keeps tanks

This formula’s non-staining green dye washes clean with soap
and water. Available in liquid or Toss-In form, they are the ultimate in
convenience. Eco-Smart is also offered in an enzyme formula. Similar to
the formaldehyde-free formula, it quickly breaks down and liquefies
waste and tissue. This natural, enzymatic deodorizer includes a
detergent additive, allowing tanks to stay clean. Extremely effective,
only 4 oz. of the treatment is required per 40-gallon tank. Available in
a distinctive orange liquid, it won’t stain and washes clean with
regular soap and water.

Due to their formulation, both formulas are accepted at all
campgrounds and are safe for black and grey water tanks. The liquid
versions are available in 36 oz. or 64 oz. bottles made from 25%
post-consumer content. The Toss-Ins are available in 12-count pouches.

Thetford, (800) 543-1219 or (734) 769-6000.

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