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The PressurePro

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

According to the Department of Transportation, four million gallons of
fuel per day are wasted due to low tire pressure. Add to that the
estimated 80,000 annual motor vehicle accidents attributable to low tire
pressure, and you have two big reasons for keeping your tires properly

If the thought of hitting your knees to check tire pressures
every morning when traveling doesn’t sound like fun, consider adding a
PressurePro Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The PressurePro doesn’t
require expensive installation inside the tire; instead, small wireless
sensors screw onto each valve stem, while the monitor plugs into the
power (lighter) accessory in the vehicle. The sensors are sealed units
incorporating a battery (sensor life is claimed to be about three years)
and send out signals picked up by the monitor, which is said to display
tire pressures up to 150 psi; when tire pressure falls, the monitor
identifies the tire position with a flashing light on that location and
an audible alarm. The system is claimed to read up to 34 tire positions,
including on a towed vehicle.

Advantage PressurePro LLC, (816) 887-3505, advantagepressurepro.com

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