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The Main Drain: Polychute Sewer Hose Review

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Ah … the joys of motorhoming. While it is an amazing lifestyle, there are a few chores that are necessary but not very desirable. When it comes time to wrap things up and point toward another favorite campsite or home, the last item on the to-do list is usually dumping the holding tanks. Surely, with some time under your belt, you’ve experienced a routine that has gone bad due to an unruly – or even leaking – sewer hose.

Even if your hose is in good shape, it’s likely that you have spent some time wrestling with imprecise fittings.

In an impressive effort to completely raise the bar on sewer hose and drain system manufacturing, a company called Paradigm Solutions is marketing a “bulletproof” product under the Polychute name that is safer and cleaner to use, and committed to providing a greener motorhome way of life. Polychute is quite possibly the ultimate sewer hose assembly using an array of high quality materials with re-inventive ideas.

Typically, RV sewer hoses and fittings are constructed of a long spiral spring wrapped in plastic combined with various plastic straight and angled specialty couplers held on with hose clamps or screw-on fittings. Although the standard sewer hose system has been around as long as motorhomes, they routinely fail because of leaking coupler connections, hose abrasion, puncturing and potential crushing.

The Polychute hose is made of industrial-grade thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), which is extremely rugged. On the ends are specially designed Clear-Vu swivel barrels, which are permanently connected to the hose and allow the user to monitor when the water is flowing clean. A twist-lock fitting attaches to the dump valve and on the other end is a special nozzle with an on/off valve that controls flow and fits into all sewer openings using a donut-type adapter. A built-in handle makes positioning the nozzle very convenient.

Since the hose is constructed sans the wire used for conventional sewer hoses, the interior is smooth, which prevents buildup that can restrict flow. The lack of wire also eliminates rust. The hose is virtually crush and puncture proof and fends off abrasion – and can be stretched to 16 feet.

While the price point may seem a bit high ($149), consider the fact that you’ll probably never have to buy another sewer hose or attachments. Also keep in mind that Polychute delivers amazing performance that requires such a small amount of effort to use, you’ll likely forget about cost.

Polychute is without a doubt the easiest, cleanest and most innovative sewer hose assembly we’ve seen or used to date, not to mention it’s 100 percent American made and completely supported by the manufacturer. It comes stored in a sanitary storage container with a lid. A locking storage cap seals the twist-lock end and after closing the nozzle valve, storage is a leak-free affair.

A 16-foot extension is available for $120.

Polychute LLC, 714-840-8002, www.polychute.com.

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