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The Intelligent Parking Brake Arrives

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

The old parking brake could soon be a thing of the past; enter the intelligent parking
brake. It’s powered not by mechanical linkage but electronics, and it can be activated with
a push of the button. By simply pushing a button, the electronic parking brake can act as
an improved emergency brake by tapping into the vehicle’s ABS system. With this new
technology, the vehicle will stop faster than many other conventional vehicles can stop.
This means added safety for you and your family. Besides the safety factor, another
advantage of the electronic parking brake is that when you are at a red light or in a
traffic jam, you don’t have to push the brake anymore. What the system does is, when the
vehicle comes to a standstill, the electronic parking brake will actuate and hold the
vehicle. Imagine the convenience when parking on a hill, or in heavy traffic. Currently,
the electronic parking brake is available in a select variety of automobiles; by the year
2005, some 4 million vehicles will feature this technology.

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