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That’s Good H2O

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Perhaps the biggest concern most of us have when traveling by motor
coach is water quality. It’s easy to work around this dilemma by stocking up on bottled H2O for drinking — but bathing and washing dishes with buck-a-gallon bottled water is about as smart as burning dollar bills. When you have to nearly chisel away hard-water deposits that have dried on your dishware, however, it almost seems worth it.

You could add a regular water softener, and its related upkeep,
or put your faith in science. According to the folks at WaterKing USA,
their WaterKing WK-RV injects a series of low-frequency electromagnetic
radio waves into the water as it passes through the unit; the calcium
remains, but stays in suspension. Not only does this prevent mineral
buildup in your motorhome’s pipes and water heater (and scaling in your
tea kettle!), but the company claims it will even remove existing lime
scale — and de-scale your plumbing. Powered by 120-volt AC (taking on
water at a primitive site will require firing up the AC generator), the
water softener is said to save energy (via elimination of lime-scale
buildup) and costs less than $15 a year to operate.

WaterKing USA, (800) 808-1974, waterkingusa.co.

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