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TempaChair Review

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

To the casual onlooker, an outdoor chair is something that one parks his or her posterior in while lounging under the awning. Other than using different materials and shapes, there’s no new mousetrap here – or at least not until theTempaChair entered the market. The company that sells the TempaChair dubs it “the world’s first – and only – heated folding director’s chair.” While the concept seemed a little silly at first, I came away from this evaluation with a “don’t-knock-it-until-you’ve-tried-it” mentality. This chair really works. The TempaChair is a quintessential director’s chair with a flip-up tray and cup-holder. It can support up to 275 pounds, weighs about 9 pounds and folds flat easily for convenient storage. As a bonus, it comes with three outside pockets and a hidden inside pocket.

What sets this chair apart from all the others is the microfiber heating system that sends soothing heat to one’s tush, allowing the user to stay out longer in cold weather, even without a roaring fire. The radiant heat is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is stashed in a pocket on the side of the chair. Once the battery is fully charged, which takes two hours, it’s rated to provide enough power to keep the heat going for 2½ hours on the high setting and up to four hours on low.

To test the effectiveness, I set the chair up on a rainy day, under the awning. Ambient temperatures hovered in the low 50s and the damp climate made conditions generally miserable for outside lounging. I lasted about two hours before retiring inside the motorhome, and surprisingly found it necessary to reduce the temperature setting to low after about a half-hour since, for me, it was getting too hot down below. The low heat made an amazing difference in the comfort level in lousy weather.

If I could be granted a wish to improve the function of the TempaChair, I would ask that a heated seat-back be offered as an option. The chair is as comfortable as any director’s chair I’ve tried, and the durable 600D fabric with PVC backing that’s attached to the aluminum tubing will hold up to years of outdoor use. Padded armrests and the 20-inch height and 21-inch width of the seat enhance comfort. The chair comes in green, navy or burgundy – with khaki trim – and sells for $99.95 each or $174.90 for two. AC and car chargers are provided with the chair; the battery is said to handle up to 300 recharging sessions.

Once you try radiant heat in an outside chair, it’s hard to go back inside.

For more information, call 615-884-0973 or go to www.tempachair.com 

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