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Take It To The Next Level

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Level 10’s new Performance Transmission System Computer Upgrade is a 50-state legal
computer chip that improves both the engine and transmission performance of 1997-2001 Ford
trucks with the Power Stroke diesel engine and automatic transmission, per a company
spokesperson. Shift points and shift feel have been optimized, and the system also allows
for installation of oversize tires, altered gear ratios and speedometer recalibration for
same. In addition, Level 10’s turbo tweaks upped rear-wheel power by 80 hp and 200 lb-ft,
and improved fuel economy an average of 2 mpg, according to the company. Level 10, Dept.
TL, 3670 Route 94, Hamburg, New Jersey 07419; (973) 827-1000; www.levelten.com.

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