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Super Sharpener is a Cut Above the Rest

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Are you tired of toting a knife that can’t slice through warm butter? Or how about scissors that couldn’t cut their way out of a paper bag? Super Sharpener #1 from Creative Sales Company will have your carving utensil slicing and dicing in no time, and your scissors ready to tackle even the thickest paper stacks. The sharpener features diamond-ground tungsten-carbide inserts that sharpen both sides of the blade in just a few strokes, according to the company. Super Sharpener #1 is said to be effective on standard, serrated and electric knives, as well as on V-blade instruments. A slot is located on the side of the tool for scissors. An ergonomically designed handle and a blade safety guard protect users from potential accidents.

Creative Sales Company, (866) 869-8115.

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