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Sun-Tech Innovations: Balance Masters

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

The last time we checked, a typical 22.5-inch-diameter motorhome tire
cost about $275 — and the average coach has at least six of ’em, making
tire replacement a costly affair. In a perfect world, you’ll probably
replace them due to age rather than wear — unless they’re wearing
unevenly. Then, it can be a short drive to the tire store.

According to Sun-Tech Innovations, its line of Balance Masters
wheel balancers uses centrifugal force to dynamically self-adjust to
tire and wheel imbalance. The balancers incorporate a unique ring,
filled with free-moving liquid mercury, that is claimed to instantly and
exactly position itself along the ring to offset any light and/or heavy
spots to create equilibrium in the rotating mass. Benefits include a
safer, smoother-riding coach, improved traction and braking — and,
according to the company, up to 50-percent greater tire life. The
positive effects of the Balance Masters ring is said to kick in by 15
mph, well before tire-and-wheel balance becomes critical.

Sun-Tech Innovations, (800) 786-8324, balancemasters.com.

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