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Special Monthly Satellite TV Offer for RVers

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Marcel Guajardo, DISH Network RV Products Manager, shares a special satellite TV offer just for RVers:

the last year, I traveled to several rallies and trade shows across the
country. I started at the Winnebago Rally in Forest City, Iowa,
speaking to RVers about their satellite TV experiences. It was obvious
that RVers love their TVs, but many travel only a few months a year and
don’t want a year-long commitment. So we launched our new
“Pay-as-you-go” program that lets you simply pay for TV service for only
the months you travel.

RVers can sign up for a no-contract plan
in which you only pay a monthly bill for the months that you travel.
This presents huge savings for RVers since you don’t have to pay a
monthly bill all year long. You can start and stop monthly service as
many times as you want at no charge. The program offers HD programming
and the convenience of having a dedicated receiver in your RV. There’s
no better offer for those who want to enjoy television while they

Key features of our Pay-as-you-go program:

    * No contract required
    * No additional monthly service fees
    * No charges to start or stop monthly service
    * HD programming
    * Compact HD receiver
    * View your off-air channels through your HD receiver

a Ku-band mobile satellite antenna? Want HD in-motion? Only DISH
Network offers HD programming with any Ku-band mobile satellite

To learn more, visit www.dish.com/rv or drop by any Camping World store.

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