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Snowbird Sonata

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Pursuing the sun is an adventure that many of us dream about. Among those actually brave
enough to experience “bumdom,” however, are RV snowbirds who fly south every winter to
escape the snow and dipping temperatures of the north. About a million RVers from Washington to Minnesota to Maine will stretch this year’s summer into 12 months by headingsouth during the next 90 days. Where will they go? Florida is favored by 26 percent, and Arizona is a close second with 24 percent. Southern California and Texas are the next two preferred destinations. Although some snowbirds never settle in one resort, sooner or later most RVers find a place they like and go back every fall. They develop friendships there, and it becomes a second home. Palm Springs, California, for example, beckons to the birds year after year. The town is synonymous with the good life. The weather is close to perfect. Most RV parks have “golf” and “resort” in their names and have two or three different rate schedules; winter, summer, and those two not-too-hot periods in between. Yuma, in the southwestern corner of Arizona, doubles in population every winter, almost filling its 18,000 RV sites. The Phoenix area — Mesa, Tempe and Apache Junction — has 26,600 RV sites with a winter occupancy rate last year of 92 percent, according to a study by Arizona State University. Planned activities at most of these resort-type campgrounds can include such amenities as golf courses, tennis courts, libraries, restaurants, specialty dancing, arts and crafts, beauty salons, fishing holes and ice-cream socials. All this and no shoveling snow! No wonder these birds spread their wings every winter. For more about snowbirds, pick up the September 2002 issue of Trailer Life on the newsstand. Then subscribe to Trailer Life — so you can stay informed on the latest RV lifestyle information, tow vehicles, tests and previews, RV equipment and technical information.

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