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Smokey Bear Says…

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

… Remember, Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires. Considering that 9 out of 10 forest fires
are started by people, and that fire can and has destroyed some of our most beautiful
national treasures, the National Forest Service cautions all outdoors-people to be
especially careful with their camping equipment, and when building and stoking those
wonderful campground fires, which are such an important part of the camping tradition.


general, RVers are environmentally concerned citizens, carrying out whatever they carry
into campgrounds, parks and forests, extinguishing fires and avoiding unnecessary use of
precious water, but how about your neighbors? Are they as alert as you are to the dangers
of wildfires? These suggestions from the Forest Service may help you to help yourself and
those around you.


Most of today’s RVs include generators, but if you do use a portable
generator, make certain is has a spark arrester. The same applies to dirt bikes and ATVs.


Try to always fill lanterns, stoves and heaters before you leave home; if necessary to add
fuel in camp, do so on the ground in a cleared area – never inside an RV.


If you must smoke
in a campground, smoke in a clearing and always stamp out the cigarette or cigar in the
dirt, not on a tree stump or log. And remember to take the butt with you.


Most campgrounds
today have a designated fire pit; if you’re in a more primitive area, however, be certain
to build your campfire in a cleared area, away from dry grass and leaves, and overhanging


Never leave your campfire unattended. Never. When you retire for the evening,
douse the logs and/or charcoal until they are completely extinguished and cool to the
touch. Toss on some dirt if you are not sure. It takes only a little breeze to pick up one
ember and carry it away to do damage.


For more information on fire prevention, contact [email protected].

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