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Slimline LED Identification Bars

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

In most applications, LED lights are proven to be brighter, illuminate
quicker and last dramatically longer than their incandescent cousins.
About the only area where traditional lighting comes out on top is price
– but when personal safety is involved, the small cost difference is
inconsequential. When traveling at 60 mph, Slimline LED Identification
Bars claim to provide an extra 24 feet of stopping distance by
illuminating faster – and, hence, warning drivers earlier – than regular
brake lights. Because LEDs use electronic chips embedded in epoxy
instead of metal filaments, they also claim to be more durable,
shockproof, unaffected by vibration and reduce maintenance: LEDs are
rated for 100,000 hours, versus the 3,000-hour lifespan of an

The Slimline series features three 15-inch identification bars;
the third brake identification bar and tri-bar third brake-turn
indicator are multifunctional. According to their manufacturer, all
Slimline ID bars are sonically sealed to keep out dirt and water and are
available with either a red lens or a clear lens with red LEDs (the ID
light bar also is offered with an amber lens or clear lens/amber LEDs).
Innovative Lighting, (515) 388-1011, innovativelight.com.

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