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Shurhold’s Shur-Lok Cleaning Kits

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Shurhold Industries offers kits to make cleaning your RV less of a
chore. No matter what class of motorhome you have, the Basic,
Intermediate or Deluxe kits will provide all the tools you need to keep
your home on wheels sparkling.

Each kit includes a telescoping handle that fits all of the
included accessories. The Shur-Lok system keeps the attachments firmly
in place so the brushes and squeegees won’t pop off while you’re
cleaning, yet the attachments change quickly with just a push of a
button. The one-handle system saves on storage space as well.

The Basic kit comes with a 6-foot handle, 6-inch soft brush and
12-inch stainless-steel squeegee and is perfect for smaller motorhomes.

The Intermediate and Deluxe kits for larger RVs include a
9-foot handle, 10-inch brush and 16-inch squeegee. The Deluxe also
includes a Dip-and-Go swivel pad, PVA (a synthetic material) towel and
PVA Sponge. All kits include a Super Floor Mop, angled broom and
Snap-Stick tube. Shurhold’s RV maintenance kits start at $49.95.

Shurhold Industries, (800) 962-6241.

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