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Sea Eagle’s FoldCat Pontoon Boat

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Sea Eagle's FoldCatThe advertising claims seemed impossible. How could a portable pontoon
boat that can be stowed in any RV (or even some car trunks) go from the
carrying bags to the water in minutes? How could a boat that doesn’t
require nuts and bolts to assemble its frame provide adequate stability
for two adults and their fishing gear? And can a craft that features two
360-degree swivel seats, four rod holders, oars, oar locks, a motor
mount and accommodates up to a 3-hp gas engine possibly cost only
$1,200? Not only is all this true, but it also tells only part of the
FoldCat story.


Made by Sea Eagle, the new FoldCat is so well-engineered and made —
utilizing quadruple overlap seams and tough 1000 Denier hull material —
that RVing anglers may jettison their other boats in favor of this
12’4″ x 4’6″ craft that can safely hold up to 650 pounds.

Since the FoldCat is easily stowed, trailers and car-topping
are no longer necessary. Because it has a very shallow draft, the
FoldCat can maneuver in waters usually braved only by kayaks and canoes,
yet it’s stable enough for two men to stand safely.

With a 75-pound hull, the FoldCat weighs far less than other
two-man pontoon boats and, unlike those vessels, it doesn’t have the
same porous outer bags that tend to get waterlogged and harbor mildew.
In fact, the FoldCat may be the perfect boat for RVers and anyone who
appreciates the genius of traveling fast and light.

For more information, go to http://seaeagle.com or call (800) 944-7496.

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