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Scaling It Up

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

The big magnolia in my grandfather’s backyard must have been the culprit, because as long as I can remember I’ve loved to tackle a good climb. It seems the same thing that moved me
from that magnolia tree to California’s Joshua Tree National Park — where you can scale the walls of more than 5,000 quality rock-climbing routes — is probably the same thing that drew me to the 2007 Dodge Ram Laramie Mega Cab and R-Vision’s Trail-Bay V-Series duo:
It was time to scale things up a bit. Visual and functional designs enhance the enjoyment and performance of this duo. The new V-Series is built to reduce wind resistance and increase living area — without increasing the overall length of the trailer — and its 90-degree-angled front wall lends itself to some interesting new floorplans. The V-shaped body also conceals the LP-gas cylinders and battery that normally sit exposed on the A-frame. The Laramie Mega Cab design offers remarkable interior room and comfort for six adult passengers and gear. This truck provides a high level of luxury, and it’s built with versatility and power in mind. Climbing Highway 62 to the high desert was a breeze for the Dodge Laramie, even with the Trail-Bay in tow. The 5.7-liter Hemi cranks out 375 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 rpm for a fine performance on the mild grades. The five-speed automatic
transmission was right on cue, but the engine’s power is definitely better found in the
high end, when moving faster than 40 mph. The V-8 struggled a bit while towing the trailer
on an 8-percent grade, but after a brief downshift to increase rpm, it seemed to catch
momentum and climb like a pro. In the Trail-Bay, a large streetside slideout opens up the
kitchen and living area. The bedroom also has an under-the-bed compartment. The V-Series sleeps five people when taking advantage of the sofa bed, and with the minor mattress adjustments we slept quite comfortably. Taking control of the wheel on this test ride took us on a top-notch adventure. The amenities that this duo offers are impressive, offering the freedom to camp just about anywhere we’d fit. Scaling things up a bit turned out to be a lot of fun. Pick up the July 2007 issue of Trailer Life magazine for more info on the Dodge Ram Laramie Mega Cab and R-Vision’s Trail-Bay V-Series duo — then subscribe to Trailer Life, so you can stay informed on the latest tests, previews, tow vehicles, and technical and
RV-lifestyle information. R-Vision Inc., (574) 268-2111, www.trail-lite.com

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