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Sagging Chevy

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Q. I have a 2003 Chevy Silverado 2500 8.0-liter HD. I tow a fifth-wheel with a hitch-pin weight of 2,160 pounds. My problem is when I tow at night, my low-beam headlights are aimed in the eyes of oncoming traffic. I realize this is due to the added weight in the bed of the truck. My GM dealer and my RV dealer have no solution to this problem. I try to avoid traveling at night for this reason. Any solutions?

— D.A., Spring Gap, Maryland

A. Your GM dealer and your RV dealer must lack a certain something in the creativity or familiarity with the subject departments, because it’s an easy and common cure. Installing airbags would be a good start. They can help keep the aft end of your truck from sagging and directing your headlights into other drivers’ eyes. At the same time, you should have your headlight alignment checked by a qualified shop. There should be enough latitude to allow some truck-bed droop without seriously affecting your headlight aim, so your lights may be a bit on the high side to start with. Between the two steps, you should cure the problem.

— J.J.

Jeff Johnston, TL consulting editor, started RVing at age 6. During his more than 20 years as a writer/photographer, he has worked for Truckin’ and Four Wheeler magazines before joining TL’s technical staff in 1985. Johnston also has produced an award-winning travel video and TV commercials.

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