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RV Battery Maintenance

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

I recently replaced the battery in my motor­home. I keep the new battery on a trickle charger when the coach is not in use for a month or more. I have heard it’s good to let the battery discharge to about one-third of full strength and then put it on a regular charger to get it back to fully charged. The theory is this will help it last a few days longer when dry camping. What are your thoughts?

Nick Hovsepian | Bandon, Ore.

Letting it remain discharged reduces its power via sulfation. You also shouldn’t keep it on a regular trickle charger either, because they don’t have a float mode and tend to overcharge batteries when left on for long periods. Instead, it needs to be on a multi-stage maintenance charger designed for storage, such as a Battery Tender.

— Ken Freund

Ken Freund

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