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Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Hot Cab Question

  I own a 2007 Four Winds Chateau built on a Ford E-450 chassis with a V-10 gas engine. I experience a large amount of heat from the doghouse around…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Sticky Steps

I purchased a new 2000 Itasca Suncruiser 35U and have never been more pleased. I have kept the unit in exceptional shape and everything still operates as new, except the…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Preserve Tire Life

My question pertains to motorhome tires I just purchased. These are 245/70R19.5 Goodyear tires. Motorhome tires are normally replaced before their treads are gone. What is a general rule for…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Electrical Problems Solved

I own a 1999 Fleetwood Bounder on a Ford chassis. For years I have experienced several problems. The chassis battery loses charge even when plugged in to shorepower. On several…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

AGM Batteries

There are two 6-volt flooded cell Trojan batteries in our coach; they are seven years old and still functioning well. There is nothing wrong with the batteries except they are…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Tree Sap or Pitch Removal

I don’t know if you can help me, but I parked my Coach House motorhome on the Oregon coast for more than a month under some fir trees, and now…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Towing a Smart Car

Four years ago we purchased a used 2001 Coachmen Mirada. While searching for a dinghy, we came across an article on Smart cars. We liked that these can be towed…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Genset Grief

My 2000 motorhome has an Onan generator model 5BGEFA 26100P that I just had serviced at an Onan repair shop. This unit has been trouble since 2009 and at that…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Tow Dolly Question

We purchased a used Monaco 40-foot Class A motorhome with a 400-hp diesel engine. The car we want to tow is a 4,300-pound automatic front-wheel-drive automobile, so we will need…
Tech Q&A: Motorhome Magazine

Bubbling Battery

This is in regard to “Battery Exploded” from Bobby Ratliff in the September 2012 issue. Your reply stated, “Weak or old batteries, particularly with faulty cells, tend to outgas even…