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REDARC Launches RedVision Total Vehicle Management System

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

REDARC Corp. is excited to announce the launch of RedVision — a game-changing total vehicle management system that gives users an unprecedented level of control and automation when traveling off-grid.

The expertise REDARC has built over the last 40 years as an Australian 4×4 equipment manufacturer has materialized into this latest product release, designed for overlanding vehicles, 4×4 and camper trailers.

RedVision features an in-vehicle mounted, user-friendly display, and a Bluetooth mobile app (available on IOS and Android) that features the control and monitoring of many functions. It allows users to control the on/off function of the lights, fridge, inverter, compressor, water pumps, etc. It also provides the user with live information about water tanks levels, temperature and much more.

When RedVision is paired with the REDARC Manager30 Battery Management System, users have access to secondary battery power consumption and storage data, and live information on state of charge. This ground-breaking feature allows overlanders to know exactly at what rate their home battery is discharging and when they need to start using solar, DC, or AC shorepower to replenish it. RedVision also provides the ability to control multiple devices automatically and act as a master switch. For example, lights and all other loads except the fridge can be turned off, by just pressing one button or when the vehicle ignition is turned on.

REDARC RedVision app“As technology changes and overlanders want to bring more home comforts on the road, RedVision takes complication out of traveling by giving users total control” said REDARC owner and CEO Anthony Kittel. “It’s easy to keep an eye on everything with RedVision. You can monitor battery levels, turn loads on and off as you see fit and turn all the lights on or off from one display, or even remotely from the inside of your tent with our phone app.”

Needless to say, RedVision is as robust and rugged as any other REDARC product. Designed and built in Australia and tested in the toughest conditions, you can take it anywhere. From Alaska to Moab, RedVision can withstand any environmental conditions.

RedVision simplifies installation thanks to its simple connections and CAN Architecture, which requires less wiring, crimping and fusing of components. With multiple systems combined into one screen, it is an easy-to-use system integration.

For more information, visit RedVision or REDARC.

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