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New Gear

REDARC Launches RedVision Total Vehicle Management System

REDARC Corp. is excited to announce the launch of RedVision — a game-changing total vehicle management system that gives users an unprecedented level of control and automation when traveling off-grid.…
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Party on the Patio

Make the most of the travel season with these outdoor essentials From the cozy, cabin-like environs of older motorhomes to the sleek design aesthetic of contemporary coaches, an RV interior…
New Gear

Protect Your Slideouts with Slidetoppers

Shield your motorhome’s slideouts from leaves, animals and rain with Slidetoppers from Dometic. While camping in the great outdoors, it’s easy for your motorhome’s roof and slides to pick up…

16 Awnings, Slide Toppers and Accessories

Awnings, slide toppers and related accessories help keep things cool on the patio and inside an RV Even though the interiors of RVs are great places to hang out, most…

Add a (Veranda) Room to Your RV

Compatible with both power and manual awnings, Dometic’s Veranda Room features a fast hang-up-and-zip setup. The fabric and mesh are durable, quick-drying and nonflammable. The starter kit and additional zippered…
New Gear

Dometic’s RMD 10 a Cool add to Your RV

Dometic’s new generation RMD 10 series refrigerator is now available to consumers. Previously available only at the manufacturer level, the popular RMD 10 features a patented double-hinged door allowing the…
New Gear

In the Spotlight

Lighting up an RV site when you’re away for the evening improves safety and enables you to see things clearly upon arrival. It can also be a nuisance to your…
New Gear

Hold Everything

We all enjoy a beverage while on the road or at the beach, and most of us carry along our phones as well. The problem is, it can be difficult…
New Gear, Tech

Product Install: Xpel Ultimate PPF

Plastic Road Armor: Covering vulnerable areas of a new motorhome’s paint with Xpel Ultimate clear paint protective film keeps it looking like new for years Buyers of high-end coaches that…

Guide to RV Gear and Accessories

Tow vehicles and trailers come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not always easy to match them with the right accessories. The following roster of tried-and-true RV equipment can…