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Recalls: Dodge, Ford, Honda

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Dodge Recalls Durango, Ram Dodge is recalling 328,424 Durango 2004-2006
SUVs. Under certain operating conditions, an integrated circuit in the instrument cluster
that controls the interior lighting may overheat. This could potentially cause an
instrument panel fire. Dealers will inspect the cluster for damage and replace it free of
charge. The recall is expected to begin during April 2007. Dodge also is recalling 3,282
2007 Ram 4X4 trucks with diesel engines for failing to conform to the requirements of
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 120. The certification label, tire and loading
information label and supplemental tire pressure information label contain incorrect tire
inflation pressure information. Improper tire inflation pressure can cause tire failure and
result in a crash without warning. Dealers will install the correct certification label
overlay free of charge. Ford Recalls Trucks Ford is recalling 33,169 MY
2008 F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 trucks equipped with a 6.4L diesel engine. Excessive
temperatures in the diesel particulate filter in the exhaust system may result from excess
hydrocarbons in the exhaust. Lack of power or rough operation, unusual noises from the
engine or exhaust, white smoke from the exhaust, and potentially a visible flame out the
tailpipe can occur. Dealers will reprogram the powertrain control module. Ford also is
recalling 1,022 MY 2008 F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 trucks equipped with a 6.4L diesel
engine. Insufficient clearance of the battery positive (B+) wire to the right hand splash
shield bolt may result in the battery B+ wire contacting the splash shield bolt. Long-term
contact could cause wire chafe, resulting in copper wire being exposed. If this condition
occurs, the battery B+ wire could short to ground, increasing the risk of a fire. Dealers
will inspect the battery wire location and, if necessary, reposition the wire.
Honda Recalls 165,000 Vehicles According to the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA), select Honda and Acura vehicles have a fuel-pump problem
that could make the engine stall or could prevent it from starting. Affected vehicles
include the 2005 Acura RL, TL and TSX; 2005 Honda Accord coupe, sedan and hybrid; the 2005
Odyssey; and the 2006 Ridgeline pickup. Fuel pump relays in the affected vehicles will be
replaced, starting in April.

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