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Recalls: Alfa, Keystone, Thor, Ford

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Alfa Leisure is recalling 53 model year 2007 Gold fifth-wheel trailers and
motorhomes equipped with Atwood sealed burner ranges. The range and slide-in burner tubes
leading from the gas manifold to the burner heads had a depression or “kink” in the
exterior bend, restricting proper airflow and gas mixture. This condition could result in
carbon monoxide poisoning. Alfa Leisure is working with Atwood to have the tubes replaced
on these ranges. The manufacturer has not yet provided an owner notification schedule for
this campaign. Campaign 07V-251 Keystone RV is recalling 152 model year
2007 Raptor fifth-wheel and Springdale Clearwater travel trailers. These trailers have
incorrect information on the federal identification tag, and the tire and loading
information label. On the travel trailers, the gross vehicle weight rating (gvwr) and the
axle rating is higher than the actual ratings for the axles installed. Loading the vehicle
beyond the gvwr could result in poor vehicle handling, increased risk of property damage or
a vehicle crash. On the fifth-wheel trailers, the tire load range and maximum inflation
data on the tag is incorrect. Over-inflating a tire could lead to personal injury and
property damage. Dealers will replace the federal identification labels, and the tire and
loading information labels. Campaign 07V-245 Thor is recalling 149 model
year 2005-2007 Jazz 2510FL travel trailers. Under certain load and speed conditions,
excessive vehicle sway could develop leading to a loss of vehicle control. This loss of
control could lead to a vehicle crash, resulting in personal injury or death. Dealers will
install weight-compensating steel to the trailer A-frame and reinforce the axle hangers, if
necessary. The trailer weight certification labels will be replaced with new weight
certification labels. Owners will also receive a guide to trailer loading and weighing to
help them properly load and weigh the trailer. The recall is expected to begin during July
2007. Campaign 07V-281 Ford is recalling 203 model year 2007 F-150 trucks.
These trucks may have a fuel tank with a depression at the seam between the top and bottom
halves of the tank (not visible from outside the fuel tank). If a depression is large
enough, fuel may permeate the fuel tank wall resulting in a fuel odor, or a “service engine
soon” indicator light. If left uncorrected, a fuel leak could eventually develop. A fuel
leak in the presence of an ignition source could result in a fire. Dealers will replace the
fuel tank. The recall is expected to begin during July 2007. Campaign 07V-278

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