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Ram 1500 & Tahoe Widelite 23'

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Among the many types of RVers on the road today, there is a certain contingent whose
primary concern is the performance of their truck-and-trailer combo. Certainly comfort,
livability and storage space are important to them as well, but these attributes tend to
take a backseat to the overall performance and driving capability of the tow rig in solo
and towing environments. After all, most RVers use their tow rigs for day-to-day
transportation, so a vehicle that is sporty, fun and fast is often equally important as one
that tows well. The Dodge Ram 1500 SLT is one such truck. Completely redesigned in 2002,
this truck comes standard with a 235-hp 4.7-liter V-8 engine and four-speed automatic
transmission, which makes for impressive performance with or without a trailer. Because the
idea for this test was to spec out a truck that was both practical and sporty, we opted for
this powertrain in a regular-cab shortbed equipped with the optional Sport Appearance Group
and handsome 20-inch cast-aluminum wheels. For our testing, we selected a 23-foot Thor
California Tahoe Widelite, model 23FB GL (the “Widelite” moniker has since been dropped).
This trailer features a front-bedroom/rear-bath arrangement and a streetside sofa manual
slideout, which makes for a roomy living area. As its name would imply, the Tahoe is also
lightweight – 4,800 pounds with the water tank and LP-gas cylinders full. If the idea of a
sporty, easy-to-handle truck-and-trailer combination appeals to you, then the Dodge Ram
1500 and Thor California Tahoe may be a practical solution. The Dodge is a nearly ideal
truck, and with improvements in build quality, the Tahoe could be an ideal family travel
trailer. Pick up the February 2003 issue of Trailer Life for full test impressions and
details on the Ram 15OO & Tahoe Widelite 23′ — then subscribe to Trailer Life — so
you can stay informed on the latest tow vehicles, tests, previews, and technical and
RV-lifestyle information. DaimlerChrysler, (248) 576-5741, daimlerchrysler.com Thor
California, (909) 697-4190, thorcalifornia-rv.com

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