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Quick n Brite All-Purpose Cleaner

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

When it comes time to enlist products for cleaning inside and outside the motorhome, most of us have our favorites for specific jobs. For example, I’ve been using the same window cleaner for years, as well as a number of other products for various cleaning chores. In our rig, we devote an entire cabinet to such bottles and cans.

Recently, I was introduced to an all-in-one cleaner, Quick ’n Brite, marketed to replace all other cleaning products. I got the chance to try this stuff at the Good Sam Rally in Louisville, Ky., in the beginning of the summer after talking to one of the vendors. First off, I’m always skeptical about any one item that claims to do everything. After spotting the “As Seen on TV” sticker, I was even more leery.

I zeroed in on the fact that this cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and capable of killing 99.5 percent of all germs; I don’t like inhaling chemicals and harsh vapors. Hearing that the family owned business has been around for 60 years and that it provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee really got my attention. In the end, I was pretty impressed.

Quick ’n Brite Paste

The Quick ’n Brite Paste is packed in a 30-ounce tub

Quick ’n Brite comes in a paste and liquid. The paste is packed in a 30-ounce tub and is earmarked for dirty jobs like removing pet stains and nasty spills on just about any surface, including clothing. It’s best to check for colorfastness before using on carpet, upholstery and clothing. While this cleaner is suitable for virtually any surface, there are a few exceptions including use on raw leather or suede, and the guarantee to clean does not apply to paint, rust, permanent dye and red or orange Kool-Aid. Do people still drink Kool-Aid?

The liquid version is packaged in a 32-ounce plastic bottle and is called Super Shot.

Since both products are concentrated – and fairly expensive to purchase initially – it’s good that only a small amount is diluted into water for most jobs. For light jobs, like windows and countertops, just 1 teaspoon mixed in to a quart of hot water will produce enough solution to tackle many jobs. This dilution worked extremely well on windows and the shower stall, leaving crystal clear finishes without streaking. Hard-water stains and mineral deposits may require the paste at full strength and need to remain on the surface for 15 minutes.

Quick ’n Brite scrubbing sponge

A long Quick ’n Brite scrubbing sponge can be purchased separately or with the kit.

A heavy solution can be made by adding 3 teaspoons of the Super Shot liquid to a quart of hot water. There is a long list of potential cleanups that can be accomplished with the heavier mixture, including the removal of dirt from painted walls and black streaks. You can even use the liquid in a bucket of water for washing the motorhome and dinghy – and it handles bugs and road tar nicely, although in the full-strength application. The instructions are loaded with recommendations.

If you want to learn what’s in Quick ’n Brite, go to www.quicknbrite.com where the list of barely pronounceable ingredients is listed. I did recognize “coconut.” Each product, including a long scrubbing sponge that can be cut into workable pieces, is available separately, but the best deal is to get the kit, which includes a bottle of the aforementioned Super Shot liquid, the 30-ounce tub of paste, a 64-ounce refill and the sponge for $55.

Under normal cleaning circumstances, the kit will go a long way, which makes it cost effective, and your motorhome will look nice without breaking your back.

Quick ’n Brite, 800-223-9187, www.quicknbrite.com

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