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Protect Your iPhone with OtterBox

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

A few months ago I got my very first smartphone. Since I’m clumsy and have broken five cell phones in as many years, I opted for the bargain-priced iPhone 3GS. Right away I knew I’d need a serious protective case for the thin glass screen.

web otterbox iphone case old broken phoneEnter the iPhone 3G/3GS Defender Series Case from OtterBox. This is a fantastic heavy-duty case that not only covers the sides of the phone, but the screen as well. No need for a stick-on film that doesn’t stay put and shows lint. This built-in plastic screen protector was the main selling point for me, as my last phone suffered a shattered screen when I dropped it getting out of my car.

The OtterBox Defender Series Case features a two-part polycarbonate shell that snaps into place directly over the phone. A clear membrane is built into the front half to protect the screen, while smaller cutouts on the back half likewise protect the camera lens. A silicone cover with port tabs fits snugly over the polycarbonate shell to absorb any impacts while keeping dust and debris out of the ports and buttons.

web otterbox iphone case screen distortion fixSo far the case has already paid for itself by saving my phone from my klutzy moments! A shallow dent in the corner of the polycarbonate shell is the only evidence that the phone fell out of my jacket pocket onto a tile floor. I suspect this will hold up equally well when hiking or just moving around the campsite.

The screen protector has not scratched and does not interfere with the touch screen. However, you may see some visual interference that looks like a watermark. All you need is some baby powder to solve that problem. Watch this online video tutorial to see how it’s done. This is the recommended method straight from the folks at OtterBox.

The case comes with a belt holster clip, but I’ve never used it since I carry my phone in my handbag. You will notice the case adds some bulk to the phone so it doesn’t easily slide into the pocket of tight pants, but it will fit securely in your cargo pants pocket. The silicone grip provides a bit of traction to minimize slips, but this also means it grips long hair when you make a call, and it does attract a bit of lint.

web otterbox iphone case personalized back coverYou have your choice of five color options for the 3G/3GS model and many more for the iPhone 4 model. I chose to hide the exposed Apple logo on the back with some stick-on craft jewels, which has the added benefit of being able to easily identify my phone at a glance when it’s beside other smartphones with black cases.

The iPhone 3G/3GS Defender Series Case retails for $49.95. If you are clumsy (like me) and/or lead an active outdoor lifestyle, you’ll find this durable case is well-made and absolutely worth the money. On your next adventure, don’t risk catastrophe by using a flimsy phone cover – get an OtterBox Defender Series Case for the utmost in phone protection.


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