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Powrtouch Remote Trailer Mover

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

2262205_TurnerPowrtouch.jpgSometimes it’s a real challenge to back a trailer into a tight campsite or that snug
section along the driveway. Turner Special Products has a system called the Powrtouch that
allows you to move your trailer in confined spaces without the use of your tow vehicle by
simply using a hand-held remote.


This system works by using two battery-operated motors with
reduction gearboxes that clamp to the trailer chassis to move the trailer tires using
friction drive rollers, which are located against the tires through a locking cam system.
You can control all trailer movement remotely by using a small handset. If you have a
single-axle trailer, you can even have it turn on its own axis; however, the system is also
suitable for 2262205_TurnerPowrtouchRemote.jpgtandem-axle trailers and all-wheel drive. Braking is completely automatic and
occurs immediately your finger is removed from the control button of the remote. And the
motors can be driven independently, making it easier to fit your trailer into those tricky
tight spots.


The Powrtouch is designed to work on wet pavement and a variety of uneven
terrains. It takes about three hours to install, requires no welding or drilling and can
easily be moved from one trailer to another. The company suggests that you practice using
the mover in a wide-open area to familiarize yourself with it, before using it in tighter
spaces. Backed by a five-year guarantee, prices range from $1,400 to $2,300 depending on
the model you need.


For more information, contact Turner Special Products at (866)
767-0077 or visit www.turnerspecialproducts.com.

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